12/20/14 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Monday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 20. December 2013 20:41

Forewarning to expecting mothers:  when you have kids you will NEVER be able to just wake up and arrive to a function on time again without a lot of preparation.  Once when it took me only an hour to shower, eat, and get ready it now takes me two.  You would think it's only a baby and why would it take so much time to get out the door.  But, for some reason it just takes so much time!  I'm nervous for starting back to school in January.  I always seem to be running late for work as it is so I can't imagine getting myself ready and a baby.  By the time you've gotten yourself ready, the baby takes a good 25 minutes to get fed, and then another 10 minutes to get changed and dressed.  Not to mention triple checking and repacking the diaper bag filled with all the essentials.  Heaven forbid I run out of formula, diapers, wet ones, or forget a bottle!

Today was an excellent day.  We never did make it to the trains with our family because of course the morning routine took FOREVER and we were running late like always.  But, we did arrive just in time for lunch on fountain square.  It's a nice tradition my step-mom-in-law has started for the kids: trains, ice skating, and lunch overlooking the square.  I'm excited for FJ to get a little older and be excited for the holiday.  I did well and was really proud of my selection!  I opted to eat my actual JC lunch when we got back and order either a salad or veggies so I could still eat and be social with my family.  I ended up ordering the seafood salad and just not eating the seafood because I was going to eat my JC meal when I got back and right now I'm dedicated to sticking to the program until I arrive at my weight loss goal.  The salad had lettuce, cold asparagus (I ordered a double order of this), cucumbers, and tomatoes.  It was delicious and I ended up just putting a little vinegar on it for taste.  Between lunch and dinner is when I'm usually the most hungry.  Today all those veggies had me full for a very long time.  Maybe I haven't been eating enough veggies for lunch which is affecting my weight loss?  After lunch we stopped and got pictures with Santa.  The day ended with visiting a good friend from Cleveland.  Today was one of those memorable days that will stick in your memory for a long time.  It really got me in the Christmas spirit!


Breakfast - 

JC Breakfast Stuffed Sandwich


1 cup fat-free organic milk

Snack - 

JC Vanilla Crips Anytime Bar

Lunch - 

JC Pesto Pizza


Iceberg lettuce, asparagus, tomatoes, cucumbers

Snack - 


Dinner - 

JC Pasta with Fagiloli 

Salad (mixed greens, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes) 2 tbsp. light ranch

Snack -

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake

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