12/27/14 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Monday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 27. December 2013 19:00

Tomorrow is the big weigh in!  I'm nervous even though I shouldn't be since I ate all my Jenny Craig food during the holiday meals.  Even today we had my in-laws over for brunch and I ate a Jenny Craig Breakfast Stuffed Sandwich.  You should've seen the spread of food I had!  Usually I cook low-fat no matter what recipe I'm trying to make.  However, my mother-in-law and her three children that are adopted and spouse live on a farm and do hard, manual labor work everyday.  Since they burn their calories they have the luxury of eating whatever they want.  They are used to country-style cooking and even though I've imposed my turkey bacon, whole wheat bread and pastas on them, they can't stand them.  I have decided to give up and just make them what they enjoy.  Back to the spread of food I had...I made an egg casserole with cheese, bacon, sausage, and bread in it.  I made pancakes which were delicious as well.  I also had donuts from the bakery (yum!) and a large bowl of fruit.  It was incredible.  I know that my occasional bite or two of cookies I've made and even the bite I had of the casserole could possibly cause me to gain when I weigh in tomorrow.  But, I am extremely proud of myself that I ate my JC meal while they dived in to the tasty assortment of food I made.  Sometimes it is annoying to always eat something different from everyone else but mostly I am just driven to getting this baby weight off.  My other challenge this week was working out.  It just didn't happen with all the holiday festivities we had going on.  I'm not going to beat myself up tomorrow if I did gain.  Instead, I'm going to be grateful that I had the willpower to stay on my JC diet during SUCH a tough week of holiday foods.  I hope you, too, were able to survive with all of the homemade treats this past week!


Breakfast - 

JC Breakfast Stuffed Sandwich

1 cup fat-free milk


1 piece of pineapple and 1 bite of egg casserole

Snack - 

JC Oatmeal Raisin Anytime Bar

Lunch - 

JC Turkey Burger

Carrots with fat-free ranch

Snack - 

1/2 cup mixed fruit

Dinner - 

JC Rising Crust Pizza

Salad (mixed greens, peppers, onions, mushrooms) with 2 tbsp. light ranch

Snack - 

JC Honey Mustard Pretzels dipped in mustard

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